Crypto Currency ATM's

Crypto currency is here!  So are we.

How It Works

Pick A Location

It's always great to put your ATM somwhere with high traffic.  Once you have decided where to place your ATM we will ship it there.  Can't decide?  That's OK, we will ship it to your door.  

Place Your ATM

Once your ATM is placed in its new location, the ATM will provide thousands of locals the opportunity to cash out their tokens for physical cash. 

Profit On Every Transaction

Each transaction tokens are cashed out, a small fee is charged.  You cash in!

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BUY & OWN Crypto Currency ATM's.

Millions of people are cashing out their crypto currencies everyday.  

Give your city the ATM it deserves, and in the right location.   

When they cash out, you cash in. 

Meet The Team

Justin Beviacqua - Founder

CEO of Current-C

Fortune 500 Franchiser

National Investor & Fundraiser

Founder of Mr.Startup

Mark Hopkins - Advisor

CTO of VeriToken

IBM Futurist

Blockchain Evangelist

Partner, Barista Ventures

Devon Zielinski - Advisor

CEO of VeriToken

National Entrepreneur of the Year

Wharton grant recipient

MIT StartIAP Alum

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